Node Graph

A node outputs an image. Images are the data being passed through the nodes following the node connections

curve editor

Animate effects associating curves to node properties. Curves represent the value of a node property over time


Work with the performance you never had before, preview full resolution, in real-time, always

Intuitive Interface

With a more intuitive and less restrictive interface Mewa gives users a greater degree of freedom to create more and faster

Integrated Scripting

Create custom effects, automate repetitive tasks and animate parameters, all in a seamless way


Mewa WebStore is a public repository where anyone can publish their scripts. Scripts become automaticaly available inside Mewa, at the distance of one click

Why another video compositing software?

Mewa is not just another free software application

Mewa is an open initiative to develop a solution that overtakes the performance and usability of the existing video compositors

Mewa's purpose is to offer a higher level of freedom and productivity to all digital artists, across all platforms, from desktops to tablets